Friday, January 07, 2005


I hate waiting. 

Sometimes I get the overwhelming feeling that I've been waiting all my life.  For a smile, a gesture, an answer.  And that I'm about to break out of my skin from frustration and anxiety.  Like a bullet out of a gun. 

Today I'm waiting for a person, a camera and a window of hope.  The metal monstrosity that my professor assures me is a light kit, is waiting too.  For someone to flip the switch and be amazed the intensity of its spectrum.  For the electricity to travel up its battered, steel spine and flood its receivers with volts with which it will send light out into the world.  Like a blinding, white eye.  I am that light. 

My switch is waiting to be triggered, except I don't know where it is.  I feel like I have been swimming underneath the service of the water all my life, anticipating when I will break free and see that sky for the first time.


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